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Oracle News on Ulitzer Sun chairman (and an exclusive Ulitzer columnist) Scott McNealy sent out his farewell to the troops Tuesday, the day before Oracle is supposed to explain what it's going to do with Sun and maybe indicate how many of Sun folks it's going to fire. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz told Sun employees last week that "Upon change in control, every employee needs to emotionally resign from Sun. Go home, light a candle, and let go of the expectations and assumptions that defined Sun as a workplace. Honor and remember them, but let then go." Here's what Scott had to say: "Gang, "When I interviewed many of you for employment at Sun over the years, one commitment often made was that things will change above, below, and around you faster than any place you have ever been. Looks like this was one area we exceeded plan for 28 years. While it was never the primar... (more)

Wal-Mart Buys OneOps

@Walmart Labs, the Silicon Valley-based technology arm of Wal-Mart global e-commerce, has bought OneOps, which automates and accelerates processes related to environment management, application deployment and data center operations monitoring. It's supposed to have re-imagined application management in the era of cloud computing and comes with a Platform-as-a-Service capability that should accelerate Wal-Mart's PaaS and private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) strategies. Wal-Mart will doubtless get cloud applications out of it. It said, "We are innovating on a very large scale, and OneOps brings us tools that will allow us to move even faster toward a global platform." @WalMart Labs also picked up three-year-old Mozilla spin-off Tasty Labs, a social software connection start-up that might lead customers to the right product. It was started by Joshua Scha... (more)

Motorola Droid Review

Consumer Electronics on Ulitzer Note from Bob Gourley: The following article was written by enterprise technology and mission IT expert Danny Proko and was originally seen on Facebook (you can find Danny there or on LinkedIn). A number of my friends asked me about my new gadget…the Droid…of which I’m the proud owner.  Here’s my assessment after 3 months of intensive use. I’ll break it down by: - Why I bought it… - GUI design and layout….usability…design intuitiveness - Phone interface - Search and discovery - Email/messaging/contact integration - Calendar integration - Integral navigational aid - 3rd-party apps - Stability, reliability - Would I buy it again, knowing all of this? Why I bought it…I wanted a more powerful handheld comms/computing device on a reliable 3G network. I’ve had all the networks, between the personal and professional comms devices I‘ve used, and Ver... (more)

NetApp Buys LSI External Storage Unit for $480 Million

NetApp said late Wednesday that it’s buying chipmaker LSI’s Engenio external storage systems business for $480 million cash. CEO Tom Georgens said it will expand NetApp’s addressable market and generate greater revenue growth. LSI said the operation did $705 million last year. The cloud move will get NetApp into chichi video, including full-motion video capture and digital video surveillance, as well as high-performance computing applications such as genomics sequencing and scientific research. NetApp said it has the channel reach and customer relationships to support the high-performance and big bandwidth capabilities of Engenio’s storage platform, markets segments collectively expected to represent a $5 billion incremental market opportunity by 2014. Engenio brings with it a mature OEM business that will diversify NetApp’s channels, especially in markets it doesn’... (more)

Autonomy’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be: Forrester

Between Google buying Motorola Mobility, HP exiting the PC business, Steve Jobs resigning, the stock market behaving like a Coney Island rollercoaster and a rare once-in-a-100-years East Coast earthquake felt by most of the United States and Canada, you might have missed a piece in Forbes by Forrester Research senior analyst Leslie Owens saying HP's proposed $10 billion-something acquisition Autonomy, a roll-up sorta like CA or, oh heck, Oracle, hasn't solved the problem HP is buying it for and that's to manage unstructured data for competitive advantage. She says it's not "the integrated and complete EIM solution HP laid out for investors" but rather a "pile of technologies that HP will need to make sense of." She says it's "not a native cloud player" and, she adds, IDOL, its Intelligent Data Operating Layer, the heart of Autonomy's stack, its brand name for sea... (more)

SAP Enteprise Mobility and Multilevel Marketing

In an article I read this morning, "Luis Cesar Verdi, President of SAP Brazil, told Computerworld UK that Brazil currently has 1.5 million end users for its mobile applications, but plans to increase this rapidly to 20 million by 2015.  To achieve this, Verdi plans to target the general public by going through enterprise customers that currently use its ERP systems and mobile applications." I wrote about this multilevel enterprise mobility strategy last year and believe it will be effective.  B2C mobility is and will continue to be a fast growing market for mobility vendors, and SAP has the opportunity to touch billions of mobile users through B2C mobility.  Let's think about it.  SAP is big in utilities, consumer packaged goods and other industries with large customer bases.  Providing mobile IDEs (integrated development environments) through SDKs through partnersh... (more)

Congratulations Imation and Nexsan

Last week Imation, the company that is known for making CDs, DVDs, magnetic tape and in the past floppy disk (diskettes), bought Nexsan, a company known for the SATA and SAS storage products. Imation also (or should be) owns the TDK and Memorex names (remember is it real or is it Memorex? If not Google it). They also have had for several years removable hard disk drive (RHDD) products including the Odyssey (I am in the process of retiring mine), as well as partnership with the former ProStor for RDX and having acquired some of the assets of ProStor namely their RDX based InifiVault storage appliance. Imation has also been involved in some other things including USB and other forms of flash-based solid state devices (SSD), as well as a couple of years (2007) they launched cloud backup with DataGuard before cloud backup had become a popular buzzword topic. Imation ha... (more)

Using URL Shorteners in Technical Documents

I spend a large portion of my time preparing courseware materials, writing books and technical documentation. These documents include hyperlinks, and some of them can be a 100+ character long. Do you include the long URLs in your docs? The immediate answer is to use one of the services like,, and the like.Beside shortening URLs the may offer other services like click-stats or real-time analytic data. But all of these services are backed by rather small companies. What if your preferred URL shortener is out of business, but thousands of your books are being sold by the booksellers? This is a bummer! What if all your courseware is sprinkled with these short URLs? Need to schedule an extra time for producing and publishing a revised version of the courseware. If one of the big guys like Google or Microsoft would acquire such a shortener, I’d sl... (more)

How to Acquire an Open Source Software Company 2.0

These days, executives realize that there are “new school” ways of acquiring a company with a software asset.” For all of the immeasurable benefits it has brought to the development community, open source technology has added a complex variable to relevant parties calculating the M&A equation. Open source code, the general reuse of open source, and proprietary software components in software development have further complicated the process of acquiring a software asset. These days, closing a deal that includes a software asset is not much different than shopping for a car. On the outside, the streamlined exterior and highly finished shell might look very glamorous, but the question needs to be asked: “Would you buy a car without first looking under its hood?” Purchasing any software asset demands that due diligence be paid to evaluating... (more)

ORACLE BEA - Round-Up of Early Responses

(October 12, 2007) - Dana Gardner says: 'Someone had to pull the trigger, and few companies could better leverage and extend the value of BEA than...Oracle.' Jeff Schneider says: 'It is interesting to look at the list of companies that [still] didn't get acquired...The odd balls include: Sybase, Tibco, Cognos, Adobe, Citrix, BMC, Red Hat and Computer Associates. In my opinion, these companies need to find a home - and soon.' The industry is responding fast and furiously to the news that Oracle has pounced on BEA, which is hopes to acquire for just $6.6BN after eyeing it up ever since 2004. Gardner continues:"Speculation has swirled for years that BEA was going to have a tougher time remaining independent. But the circling buzzard moves by activist investor Carl Icahn put the pressure on those interested in BEA to move before Icahn managed to jack the price up -- or fo... (more)

Microsoft-Yahoo - Yahoo Dodges the Takeover Bullet As Microsoft Calls Off Bid

Here as a service to readers is the full text of the letter sent yesterday by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang. May 3, 2008 Mr. Jerry Yang CEO and Chief Yahoo Yahoo! Inc. 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Dear Jerry: After over three months, we have reached the conclusion of the process regarding a possible combination of Microsoft and Yahoo. I first want to convey my personal thanks to you, your management team, and Yahoo's Board of Directors for your consideration of our proposal. I appreciate the time and attention all of you have given to this matter, and I especially appreciate the time that you have invested personally. I feel that our discussions this week have been particularly useful, providing me for the first time with real clarity on what is and is not possible. I am disappointed that Yahoo has not moved towards accepting o... (more)